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Food waste in our landfills is an immense environmental problem. At Compost Livin’ , we are doing what we can to divert that waste into productive compost. Composting creates better soil, traps greenhouse gasses, and saves water. A “locally grown” business, we are located in Annandale, Virginia, and handle food waste pick up from residential and commercial customers within the Northern Virginia area.  Compost Livin’ and our customers are helping to make the DC metro area a greener and more sustainable place to live and grow!


Washington DC compost


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Basic Plan
$30 per month

$30 per month for weekly pickup service of one 5-gallon bin

*each additional 5-gallon bin is $15

Enhanced Plan
$36 per month

$36 per month for weekly pickup service of one 5-gallon bin

+ 20 compost bags per month

*each additional 5-gallon bin is $15

Business Plan
$ upon

Business plans
are priced
upon request.

50% off first month of service for new customers!

Compost Livin’ – Making the DC Metro area a greener and more sustainable place to live!


Food Waste Collection Service
We provide you with the essentials for collecting your table scraps and other organic material. We supply our customers with a 5-gallon compost collection bin and a starter kit of biodegradable compost bin liners. You collect your food waste and other compostable items. Once per week, we empty the compost bin. Once we’ve collected the bags from your bin, we take it to a nearby compost facility.

teamAcceptable Items:

  • Fruit & Vegetables
  • Bread, pasta, grains (NO raw dough)
  • Eggs & egg shells
  • Coffee grounds, filters (NO Keurig Cups), tea bags & loose tea (NO staples)
  • Meat (including bones)
  • Corrugated fruit & vegetable boxes
  • Paper ice-cream containers
  • Dairy products – milk, butter, cheese (NO containers)
  • Seafood (including shellfish)
  • Paper-towels, napkins, kitchen only paper plates (only un-coated or compostable)
  • Food-soiled newspaper
  • Pizza boxes (clean or “greasy”)
  • Paper bags (un-coated) with food scraps
  • Leftovers and spoiled food

Only use approved compostable bags


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